Version 2.4.1 Released


In keeping with my promise for more frequent releases, here’s a minor update with a few small fixes and a major feature that I have been getting a lot of requests about.

You can download the latest version here.

Here’s the 4-1-1 on 2.4.1:

  • A new option to control whether timers and countdowns stop or continue running when your computer is suspended. I have had people argue for and against stopping them, so now you can choose which one you prefer. This is available to “Pro” users only.
  • New icons for timer and countdown notes. It should be easier to see when a note has been entered now – it was a little tough to see before.
  • Command line option to enable BasicHTTPBinding for the WCF Service Layer (if you know what this means then this may be of interest to you).
  • Various small bug fixes.

This will most likely be the last release for this year. So let me take this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy holiday season and all the best in 2015.

Keep those timers running!





Version 2.4.0 Released


It’s been a long time since a new version of WatchMe has hit the streets – I apologize for the long delay; it’s been busy around here with the new baby (excuses, excuses). My plan going forward is to try and release smaller versions more frequently so there isn’t such a long wait between updates.

But enough yapping, Here’s the highlights of the new release:

  • A new “Tenths of an Hour” timer/countdown format.
  • A new “Days:Hours:Mins:Secs” timer/countdown format.
  • I made some adjustments so the application works better for visually impaired users using screen readers.
  • The context menu on the Timers and Controls is now accessible by right clicking anywhere on the control, not just on the time display.
  • When WatchMe is started, it will open to the last active tab.
  • A new “Copy all Timers to the Clipboard” function that is available under the Timers menu (for “Pro” users only). Information from your timers can be copied to the clipboard in any number of formats (configurable by creating CTF files – see the copy info help page  for more details) so they can then be pasted directly into other applications, invoices, emails, work logs, etc.

Make sure to go to the download page to get the latest version. Enjoy!


Version 2.3.2 Released


Version 2.3.2 of WatchMe was just released. You can download it from here.

New features include:

  • Recent task switches appear when you hover over the focus light (available to “Pro” users only).
  • New WCF Service layer that provides other applications the ability to automate and pull data from WatchMe (available to “Pro” users only). Click here for more information.
  • Fixed bug where Alt + F4 wasn’t closing the application.
  • Ctrl + Shift + T now toggles the “Show Totals” option.

Check out the release notes for a full list of new features.


Version 2.3.1 Released


The latest version of WatchMe (v 2.3.1) is now available for download. This is a maintenance release that includes bug fixes (primarily to fix the “Cannot find the file specified” error).


Cannot Find File error


There have been a number of reports of a “Cannot find the file specified : System.Web” error whenever the latest version of WatchMe is doing a version check. I have a fix that I just finished working on and I will test it for the next day or so. I plan to release the fix on Thursday (or sooner if everything looks good).

Of course if you’re having this issue, your version of WatchMe can’t phone home to let you know when the new fix is available. :)

Keep an eye on the download page, or monitor either Twitter or Facebook to see when the new version is available.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused anyone.

P.S. I will personally email those of you that reported the issue as soon as the fix is available.


Version 2.3 Released


I just released version 2.3.0 into the wild. Come and get it!

New features include:

  • A new option to adjust the transparency of the application.
  • New options to prompt you before clearing all notes or flags from the countdowns and timers.
  • New functionality to add and subtract time from a timer when right clicking on the time display.
  • The application will now open to the same screen position it was in when it was closed.
  • New “Pro” mode that provides the user with the ability to make use of “Pro” only functionality (anyone who makes a donation to help out the development process will receive a key to switch into “Pro” mode. Anyone who has donated already will be receiving their keys via email).
  • New functionality to manually enter the time into a Timer (available to “Pro” users only).
  • You can now set a timer or countdown to reset automatically each time the application is launched (available to “Pro” users only). Just right click on the time display to turn this option on or off.

Check out the release notes for a full list of new features.

Just a reminder that you will need version 4.0 of the .NET Framework or higher in order to run this new version. If you don’t have it you can download it from


Version 2.3 is Coming


I wanted to post a quick message to let you know that the next version of WatchMe is on its way. Here’s a quick preview of some of the new features that are coming in this version:

  • The application now requires version 4.0 or higher of the .NET Framework. This shouldn’t be a problem as most of you will at least have this version, but it might be a good idea to run Windows Update on your machine and make sure you have the latest .NET framework.
  • New option to adjust the transparency of the application.
  • New interface for adding and subtracting time from a timer.
  •  You can now set a timer or countdown to reset automatically each time the application is launched.
  • The application now opens to the same screen position it was in when it was closed.

And finally, the ability to manually enter the time into a Timer (rather than just adding and subtracting time).

I don’t have a release date for this version yet – as always I don’t want to release anything until I feel it is ready. Saying that, I have been beta testing this version for a couple of months now and things do seem to be working well. I’m hoping to get some free time in December to finish things up so stay tuned near the end of the year for a possible release.


EDIT: Mar 27, 2013 – I’ve been beta testing the newest version with a larger group of people since December and things are looking good. There are a couple more bugs I’d like to squash in the next few days and then I might try to release in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.


Version 2.2 is Here!


I have released the latest version of WatchMe (v2.2) which includes a number of highly requested features. You can download the latest version here.

The big highlights for this version include:

  • Countdown Timers – You can now create a “countdown” that will do just that – countdown to zero from a specified time. You can add a new countdown to any tab from the “Countdowns” menu. These countdowns are easy to tell apart from the traditional timers as they have an alarm clock icon in their time display. To change the start time (as well as notification options) right click on the time display and select “Set Time”. There is a whole section of options related to the new Countdowns in the options screen (System | Options) including what time format they should use. 3…2…1…Blastoff!
  • Control the Location of the Config Files – Until this release the configuration files used by WatchMe were located in a default location and could not be moved. Now you can choose where you would like to store these files to make it easier to back them up, etc. When you select “Manage Data Files” under the System menu you will be given the option to move your existing files to a new location, or even to create a whole new set of files. I store my files in a folder managed by Dropbox so that I can have the same timer files on both my work and home PC – slick!
  • Run WatchMe off a USB Memory Stick – In order to make the application more portable between machines, if you put the WatchMe executable and the config file in the same directory on a USB memory stick, you can take your timers with you to any machine.
I will be working on updating all of the help screens in the next few days to provide more information on these (and other) new features.

The Magic of Doing One Thing At a Time


Check out this post by Tony Schwartz that talks about some of the things you can do to increase your productivity, including focusing on one thing at a time without interruption.

I have been trying to do the “one thing at a time” approach as much as I can with my work, and it has been working well. This is what made me decide to create the “Focus Light” feature in WatchMe. You can tell the app how focused you want to be, and it watches how often you’re switching tasks (via your timers) and gives you feedback on how “focused” you are. As long as I’m keeping my light green, I know I’m on track.


Version 2.2 on the way…


Hello all – I’m currently working on the next release, so I thought I would give you a quick preview of some of the upcoming things I’m working on.

  1. Storing config file(s) in different locations: You will be able to move the config files into a different directory, rather than being shackled to the default location that is used now. I have my beta version storing the config files in my dropbox folder so I can have the WatchMe on my work PC share the timers with WatchMe on my home PC.
  2. Running from a USB stick: By default the application will look for the config files in the same directory as the EXE first. This way you can put the app and it’s configuration files on a USB stick and then use it on different machines.
  3. Countdown Timers: Having the ability to create timers that count down from a set time rather than count up has been a common request for quite a while. I’m still working out the mechanism for this, but it will most likely be a new kind of timer you can add to the interface (just like the current timers). From there you can set the start time and it will count backwards, as opposed to up like the current timers.
Future enhancements (version 2.3 and higher) are hopefully going to include detailed logging of timers and generation of statistical reports (including time sheets).
If you have any comments or ideas about any of the features – feel free to comment on this post.
Thank you for your continued support of WatchMe. Happy timing!
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