Where Does Your Time Go?

WatchMe is a free feature-rich timer program that helps you keep track of your time.

You're Busy

Keep track of all the work you do. WatchMe is a great solution for those who need to track their time for hourly billing, timesheets, and more.

Timers and Countdowns

Create timers to track elapsed time (like a stopwatch), countdowns (3…2…1…blastoff!) to keep you on time, and counters to keep a tally.

Create as many timers, countdowns, and counters as you need. Have lots of things to track? Group everything into tabs.

Get Your Data Out

Easily copy and paste time info into other applications, invoices, emails, timesheets, work logs, and more. Export data into different file formats.

Integrate WatchMe with other applications using the built-in API and service layer.

Stay Focused

Reduce context switching during your day by using our Focus Light feature to keep you on track.

Timer and Countdown Automation

Define what each timer and countdown will do when a certain amount of time elapsed. Show messages, play sounds, launch applications, trigger other timers and countdowns to start, increment a counter, and more. 

WatchMe Screenshot

WatchMe has been around for a while, but it’s one of the best programs available to keep track of multiple timers and multiple alerts on your desktop.

Alan Henry


Wonderful application. My job recently required I start tracking my hours, and WatchMe has been invaluable.

Michael Chadwick

Thanks! I use your tool everyday for keeping track of the hours that I spent doing different tasks for my work. It makes my life a lot easier and more organized.

Victor Khangulov

Thanks for writing this program. I have my own IT business, mostly remote support, and I rely on it daily. It’s the perfect solution to account for my day. It keeps me on task and has become the all important link between my work and getting paid for it. I’ve looked all over the net for something easy, fast, and elegant in simplicity. You hit the nail square on the head with this one. Good job!

Billy Thomas

Computer Wild

This is really the best time management program I’ve found – it’s lightweight, easy to use, and very customizable.


This application is ideal for players of MMORPGs. We are always on multiple clocks. 10 more mins to do that, 3hrs 20m for this, 36mins for the other etc….

One clock was NEVER enough!

Problem solved. Thankyou so much.

Malcolm Duff

Great App for tracking hours on multiple jobs for multiple clients. I am our clerical/billing dept.’s favorite person because of this program. I keep more detailed times and notes then are necessary which makes audits easier on them. I use this every single day and I cannot begin to tell you how many times it has saved me.

AJ Right

I want to join the people here who are praising this program. I’ve tried many timekeeping programs, but WatchMe is the one I’ve stuck with. It’s just about perfect.