Well it’s about time! I’ve finally gotten off my butt and set up a new home for Flamebrain Technologies and WatchMe. The old site was falling apart around the edges and getting difficult to manage – so time to step into the 2000s (is that how we refer to this century?) and have something a little more cleaner.

The main focus of this site is to keep you up to date on what’s going on with Flamebrain Technologies, which for the most part is the continued development of the WatchMe timer application. The WatchMe app has really helped me out in my day job, not only for keeping track of the hours I work for costing and billing purposes, but also in gaining a better understanding of how to stay focused. As I read and learn more about how to work efficiently, I will incorporate these various ideas into WatchMe and at the same time I’ll also try to post links to interesting articles on the subject here for you to enjoy.

Now get back to work and don’t forget to start your timer.