I have released the latest version of WatchMe (v2.2) which includes a number of highly requested features. You can download the latest version here.

The big highlights for this version include:

  • Countdown Timers – You can now create a “countdown” that will do just that – countdown to zero from a specified time. You can add a new countdown to any tab from the “Countdowns” menu. These countdowns are easy to tell apart from the traditional timers as they have an alarm clock icon in their time display. To change the start time (as well as notification options) right click on the time display and select “Set Time”. There is a whole section of options related to the new Countdowns in the options screen (System | Options) including what time format they should use. 3…2…1…Blastoff!
  • Control the Location of the Config Files – Until this release the configuration files used by WatchMe were located in a default location and could not be moved. Now you can choose where you would like to store these files to make it easier to back them up, etc. When you select “Manage Data Files” under the System menu you will be given the option to move your existing files to a new location, or even to create a whole new set of files. I store my files in a folder managed by Dropbox so that I can have the same timer files on both my work and home PC – slick!
  • Run WatchMe off a USB Memory Stick – In order to make the application more portable between machines, if you put the WatchMe executable and the config file in the same directory on a USB memory stick, you can take your timers with you to any machine.
I will be working on updating all of the help screens in the next few days to provide more information on these (and other) new features.