Hi all – I just dropped a new version of WatchMe with a few new features and fixes. This new version includes:

  • Ability to stop all timers or countdowns on the current tab (available under the Timers menu).
  • New feature that warns users when they have left a timer running too long (available to “Pro” users only). Can be configured on the Timers tab in the Options screen (File > Options or Ctrl-O).
  • Tool tip on Focus light now shows recent timer start and stop times (available to “Pro” users only).
  • Fixed bug where WatchMe wasn’t opening to it’s last screen location.
  • Notifications for timer inactivity or a timer being left on too long will flash in the task bar to make them more noticeable.
  • Added more shortcut keys to the menu items. Visit https://www.flamebrain.com/help/shortcut-keys/ for a full list of all the shortcut keys.
  • The time that a timer or countdown was last stopped, started or reset is now stored in the WatchMeConfig.xml file. This data will be used by new functionality in a future release.
  • Various bug fixes.