WatchMe - It's Time to Start Keeping Track

WatchMe is a feature-rich timer program that can be used to track time for a number of different tasks or events together or independently of one another. You can create any number of timers, give each one a name and record additional notes and information about what you are timing – a great solution for those who need to track their time for hourly billing, timesheets, and more.

Latest Version (v 2.7.0) – Released Mar 27, 2022

To install, simply unzip the file and copy the executable onto your PC and run it. To upgrade your old version, overwrite your old EXE file with this latest version.

What's New?

View the latest release notes to see what new features are included in this version.

System Requirements

Windows 10 or Windows 11
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or higher


Have multiple timers and countdowns running at the same time. You can also set it so only one timer can be operational at a time – a great way to quickly keep only a single timer running while hopping between tasks.

Timers and countdowns can display their time in a variety of formats including fractions of an hour – handy if you have enter fractions of an hour into your timesheets or billing programs.

Track as many timers and countdowns as you need (grouped into multiple tabs), and add notes to each in order to keep track of work you are doing.

Use the “Focus Light” to help you avoid distractions and keep you focused on the work you are doing.


  • Timers to track elapsed time (like a stopwatch) and countdowns (3…2…1…blastoff!)
  • Keep a tally of things that are important to you with a counter.
  • Create as many timers, countdowns, and counters as you need. Have lots of things to track? Group your timers, countdowns, and counters into multiple tabs.
  • Give each timer, countdown, and counter a unique name.
  • Display time in a number of formats including fractions of an hour, hours/minutes/seconds, minutes, $/hour, and many more.
  • Store notes and comments on each timer, counter, and countdown.
  • Quickly copy and paste time into other time tracking programs and billing programs.
  • Easily adjust the time displayed on your timers (in case you forgot to start it).
  • View total time for a grouping of timers.
  • View the total time accumulated across all of your timers.
  • Set up Countdown timers to start and stop other Timers and Countdowns. They can even increment Counters so you can keep track of how many cycles a Countdown has gone through. Great for setting up and tracking your Pomodoro work and rest periods.
  • Focus Light that, when set to your working patterns, will help keep you focused while you work.
  • Timer alerts that can notify you after a set period of time has elapsed
  • Flag your timers with different colours to help organize your tasks
  • Export timers and tabs to XML or CSV
  • Copy multiple timers to the clipboard in a variety of formats for pasting into invoices, emails, timesheets, work logs, etc.
  • API that allows integration with other applications
  • No install program – just copy the executable and run
  • And much more…