Copying Info to the Clipboard

You can copy your timers to the clipboard so that you can paste them into other applications (invoices, emails, work logs, etc.). This is available via the Timers > Copy All Timers to the Clipboard menu option (or by using the Ctrl-Shift-C hotkey).

There is a default format that the timers are copied in, but you can define any number of additional formats yourself.

To define a custom format that you would like to use when copying, you need to create a text file (with a CTF extension) that defines what each timer should look like. The CTF file should be placed into the same directory as your WatchMeConfig.xml file (see here for more info on locating this config file).

The file itself can contain any text you want, including the following placeholders that will be replaced with information from each timer:

  • <NAME> = Timer name
  • <TIME> = Time displayed on the timer
  • <NOTE> = Timer’s note text
  • <TAB> = Name of ther timer’s tab
  • <COSTPERHOUR> = The timer’s cost per hour
  • <HOTKEY> = The timer’s defined hot key
  • <GUID> = The underlying unique identifier for the timer
  • <TICKS> = The actual tick count for the timer
  • <DATE LONG> = Current date – long date format
  • <DATE SHORT> = Current date – short date format
  • <TIME LONG> = Current time – long time format
  • <TIME SHORT> = Current time – short time format
  • <FLAG> = Colour of the current flag (v2.5.5 and higher)

The definition from your text file is then used for each timer, appended together and put on the clipboard. When copying you can choose whether to copy only timers with time (the default), or all of them.

Sample CTF Files

The following are sample CTF files that you can download and use, or alter as you see fit. If you have a CTF file you would like to share with everyone, please email it to support (at) flamebrain (dot) com.

  • Plain Text – matches the default plain text format included with the application.
  • Work Log – a simple format good for pasting into a daily work log.