Create and Use Template Files

You can create your own WatchMe Template File (*.WMT) that contains a definition of timers, counters, and countdowns that you can then load into an instance of WatchMe to quickly create a new tab that is all configured and ready to go.

This feature is helpful if you have a common set of timers, etc that you use each day; just save a template file and load it when you want a new tab created. You could also create a standard template file that you share with your teammates to ensure that you are all using a standard set of timers, countdowns, and counters.

The option to create and load template files is only available in the Pro version of WatchMe.

To create a template file, click the Timers > Create Template from Active Tab… menu item and pick a location to save your template. The tab that is currently active in WatchMe will then be saved out to a WMT file.

To create a new tab based on a template file, click the Timers > Load Template… menu item and select an existing WMT file to load.

Note: When opening a WMT file created in an older version of WatchMe, the template file will be automatically updated so it is compatible with the latest version.

Sample Templates

Here’s a sample template that implements the Pomodoro technique using Countdowns.