Where does WatchMe store information about the timers that I have created?

You can find more information on the various files used by WatchMe here.

What is the “Focus Light”?

The focus light provides a visual indicator of how “focused” you are while you work. As you stop a timer (in order to switch to something other task) the system records a “task switch”. The more task switches you have the less “focused” you are. On the options screen (available from the Timers menu or by hitting CTRL-O) you can turn the focus light on or off and also set the number of task switches per a set number of minutes you feel still keeps you “focused”. As long as you stay below this threshold, the light stays green; as soon as you go past this threshold, the light will switch to yellow and then eventually to red (least focused).

This option works best when the kind of work you do requires you to concentrate on one thing at a time with minimal distractions. By switching your timers whenever you are distracted, the light can quickly show you when you are losing your concentration or when you are firing on all cylinders.

How much does WatchMe cost?
WatchMe is “donationware” – so it is technically free to use, but if you find it useful i’d certainly appreciate a little token of your love. Visit the WatchMe donation page for more information.

I minimized the application and now it has disappeared. Where did it go?
WatchMe can minimize itself to either the task bar or the system tray – if you can’t find it when you minimize it, it’s most likely in the system tray.

If you would prefer it not to do this, check the “Minimize to Taskbar” option on the options page.

Can I have the timers count down instead of forward?
“Timers” as defined in WatchMe only count up – they are designed to record elapsed time. If you want to set a time and count down from it you can use a “countdown” instead (available under the “Countdowns” menu).

The countdown just runs to zero and stops. How can I have it trigger an alarm?
When you create a countdown, right click on the time display and select “Set Time”. From this screen you can specify the starting time for the countdown and also define the actions that should take place when time runs out (including playing a sound file (WAV), launching another application, etc).

What is an “Alert”?
An alert is simply a way to have a timer alert you after a certain amount of time has elapsed. You can set an alert by right clicking on the time display of a timer and click on “Add Alert”. After the specified time has elapsed you can have WatchMe warn you audibly, with a message or even stop the timer.

What do I need to run WatchMe?
You need to be running version 4.6 or higher of the .NET Framework. You can download the latest version from http://www.microsoft.com/net/download.

Is there an iPhone or Android version available?
No. WatchMe is only available on Windows.

Will there ever be an iPhone or Android version available?
No plans right now.