Going Pro?

 WatchMe is free to use, but if you find it useful you can make a donation that will give you access to “Pro” features and also help fund future development.

Ready to Go Pro?

Make a donation here.

Q: I made my donation. Where’s my key?

A: At the current time I am handling key requests manually so it may take a day or so for me to get the key back to you via email. If you donated and haven’t gotten your key, send an email to support (at) flamebrain (dot) com.

Pro Features

The following are the features in WatchMe available to those who Go Pro.

  • Manually enter the time to display on a timer in either dd:hh:mm:ss.sss format or in fractions of an hour.
  • Move time from one timer to another. Right-click on the timer display and select Move All Time To. (v2.5.3)
  • Copy/clone the active tab – copying all the current timers, countdowns, etc along with their times to a new tab (v2.6.0).
  • Create template files that makes it easy to quickly load a pre-defined set of timers, countdowns, and counters. (v2.5.4)
  • Configure the system to warn you when a timer has been running too long. Available in the options (System > Options or Ctrl-O). (v2.4.4)
  • Set up a timer or countdown to reset automatically every time the application starts.
  • Countdowns can be set up to start or stop another Countdown or Timer when they hit 0. (v2.4.8)
  • Countdowns can be configured to automatically restart or reset when they hit 0.
  • Countdowns can increment or decrement a Counter. (v2.5.1)
  • Ability to copy timer information to the clipboard (in any user-definable format) – great for use timesheets, work logs and invoices. (v2.4.0)
  • Hovering over the time display shows the last times that a timer or countdown was started, stopped or reset. (v2.4.5)
  • Clear and Quit menu option. (v2.7.0)
  • Recent task switches appear when you hover over the focus light.
  • Setting to automatically stop timers and countdowns when your PC is suspended. Available in the options (System > Options or Ctrl-O).
  • Write the current time on a timer and/or the total out to a text file. Click here for more information. (v2.5.3)
  • WCF Service layer that provides other applications with the ability to automate and pull data from WatchMe. Click here for more information.
  • Also included: a smug sense of superiority. Hey, you’re a Pro now. 😉
  • More to come in future versions…