Output a Timer/Countdown to a File

When you right-click on a timer or countdown’s display you will see the Output to a File option. Setting this will cause WatchMe to write the contents of the time display out to a text file.

You can also write the total time for all timers out to a file by selecting the Output Total Time to a File option under the main Timers menu.


Why would you want WatchMe to do this? Some people use it to feed the time and totals into another application, for example, some people use it with OBS to overlay timing information from WatchMe into Twitch streams.

Basically, if you think it would be useful, use it. If you don’t, I would recommend not using it. laughing

Where is the File?

The file is written out into the same directory as your WatchMeConfig.xml file. If you aren’t sure where that is located, click here. The file name will match the name of your timer/countdown.

For the total time, the file name will be TotalTime.txt.

Things to be Aware of

Here’s some things to watch out for:

  • This is a Pro only feature.
  • The files are only written out when the timer/countdown is running.
  • You can have this turned on for multiple timers and countdowns, but be aware that this can cause a lot of disk writes and cause performance issues. I’d recommend only writing one or two files at a time.