Tips and Tricks

Right Click on the Time Display
There are lots of additional things you can do with a timer, countdown, or counter that you may not know about. Right-click on any time display to see all of the additional features you may have missed.

Moving Tabs
You can re-order the tabs by simply clicking the tab and dragging it to a new location.

Moving Timers and Countdowns
You can move a timer or countdown up and down within a tab by clicking on the up and down arrows on the right-hand side of the timer/countdown. You can also quickly move a timer by putting the cursor into the timer’s text box and using the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard.

Flagging Timers/Countdowns
If you want to flag a timer or countdown (maybe to mark it as done or to remind yourself about something related to the task), you can mark it with one of seven coloured indicators. Just right click on the time display and Select “Flag” and the colour you want. To remove the flag, select “Flag” and choose “None”.

Change Timer and Countdown Displays
You can change the foreground and background colours of the timer and countdown displays to make it easier to see which timers are running and not. Just go to the options screen (available under the System menu) and set the colours that work best for you.

Add and Subtract Time
If you ever need to adjust the time for one of your timers, simply right click on the display and a menu will appear with options to add and subtract time. You can also quickly add and subtract time on a timer by using various shortcut keys.

Copy Time to the Clipboard
You can quickly copy a timer or countdown’s time display to the clipboard by simply left-clicking on the display. This is handy when you need to paste the time value into another program.

Backup Your Timer Data
If you wish (highly, highly recommended) to backup your timers (or transfer them to another PC), simply copy the WatchMeConfig.xml file to a secure location. To restore, just overwrite the existing file with the version you saved previously. To determine where the WatchMeConfig.xml file is stored, go to Manage Data Files under the System menu. For more information on the files that WatchMe uses, click here.