Ever since I updated to the latest iTunes and iOS 5 I’ve been trying to get the WiFi syncing and home sharing to work with no luck. I scoured the Internet and found all  sorts of guesses and theories on what you can do to get it all working.

After hours of trial and error I finally came across the solution that worked for me that no one seems to have mentioned: it appears that (at least for my set-up) the Windows PC running iTunes has to have a WIFI connection and not a direct wired connection to the router. This doesn’t make any sense to me – when my PC is wired to the router directly and the iOS devices (iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPad 2) are connected to my wireless router they are all on the same network (same subnet) and can see each other fine. Why it matters how the PC connects to the wireless router for WiFi syncing is a mystery to me – but hey, it works. Hopefully this may help someone else that’s in the same boat.

Here’s my set-up:

Oh Apple – I love you and yet I hate you.