Version 2.5.4 Released

As our time at home continues, I’m finding more time to get some coding done. This has allowed me to add a number of commonly requested features that people have been looking for.

Some of these new additions include:

  1. A way to create a template file and then load it later to quickly create a tab full of pre-defined timers, countdowns, and counters.
  2. Flagging a timer, countdown, or counter now makes the name light up in the same colour to help it stand out.
  3. If you define a hotkey on a timer or countdown, holding down shift+Hotkey will now reset the time.
  4. Plus a few other little quality of life features and bug fixes.

You can download the new version here.

Version 2.5.3 Released

Another new release, sorry for the delay. It seems like I’m going to be home a little more over the next little while (aren’t we all) so the next releases may be a little more frequent.

This version contains a few new pro features, some bug fixes, and a small UI change to reduce accidental deletion of timers, countdowns, and counters.


Looks like there were a couple of bugs in the latest release of WatchMe. For shame.

I’ve released a new version (v2.5.2) that should address these issues, specifically:

  • Invalid Cast error when opening WatchMe on a machine with no previous configuration file.
  • Problem with the Increment Counter checkbox losing it’s value when setting up the options for a Countdown.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Edit: The download link wasn’t updated correctly when this version was first released. If you downloaded it and are still getting prompted to update, try downloading it again.

Version 2.5.1 Released

Finally. A new release.

Thie biggest addition in this version is the ability for Countdowns to increment or decrement a Counter control. You can use this to keep track of the number of times a Countdown has cycled – handy if you use the Pomodoro technique for working and want to count how many Pomodoros (work sessions) you have completed.

For a list of all of the new changes check out the release notes here.

Version 2.5.0 Released

I just released a new version of WatchMe which includes a feature I have been working on for a while – Counters! These new counter controls allow you to keep a running count of things that are of interest to you – breaks, pomodoros, the number of times your cubicle neighbour cracks his knuckles, etc.

The longer term plan is to allow countdowns and timers to increment and decrement these counters so you can automatically keep track of things, like pomodoros and rest periods.

I’ve also included a new timer format that shows tenths of an hour rounded up to the nearest tenth; a feature that a number of people who keep track of time for billing have asked for.

You can download the latest version here.

Version 2.4.8 Released

I just released version 2.4.8 of WatchMe which includes a number of new features related to countdowns including the ability to a countdown to automatically reset and also start/stop another timer or  timer.

These features should be helpful to a number of you, including those that make use of the Pomodoro Technique. Set up a countdown for your work period, then have it automatically reset and then start a second countdown for you rest period.